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Though web design and graphic design is somehow similar in many patterns, these are spectacularly different from each other.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is creation of visual arts which would be used as a medium of visual communication. Graphic design could be either 2D or 3D which includes logos, sketches, website interfaces, advertisements, etc. The output is consumed through visual media. When related to web graphics, the graphics are used for enhancing the representation of the website that attracts the users.

Graphic design is done by professional graphic designers using technical tools. Graphic designs are used for enhancing the appearance of the web pages that serves as the full fledged interaction layer. Web graphics are created in several formats which are used on open web platform.

Web Design

Website Design is an innovative creation of solutions for the problems on web medium. Graphic design is one of the vital elements of web design as the output of web design would be consumed on visual medium. There are several elements of web design that together incorporate to form a working website.

Web design encompasses wide variety of skills. Web designing is a team work in which individual technical experts handle different aspects of the entire design process. There are several standardized codes with development of a website.

Phoenix Coded Secures Online Space for the Websites Enhancing Visibility

Phoenix Coded offers ultimate solution for web designing with several intuitive factors that are profitable for the clients aiming to achieve a secured place on internet platform. We have the entire team of creative professional technicians, programmers, designers and developers who are highly skilled and dedicated to provide flawless web solutions.

We ensure to offer 100% guaranteed web solutions to our clients. We give high effort to meet the varying requirements of varied clients.

Varied Sections of Web Development

Web Designing

Web designing is one of the unavoidable aspects for any business in this digital world. Launching a website as has become imperative for securing a prominent space on internet, web designing is the aspect that enhances the communication medium. Websites are considered as identification of the businesses.

Our team pioneers in offering best web designing and development solutions. We deliver high quality websites that incorporate the best elements and visual aspects. We integrate the factors that results in developing user-friendly and search-engine friendly websites.


Webpage is designed on PSD-Photoshop which is unfinished as the PSD files have no movements. For efficiency of the websites the PSD files need to be converted to HTML. This is one of the crucial factors of web development process. Converting the PSD file to HTML it is understood by the web browsers.

Phoenix Coded offers PSD to HTML conversion services. Using technical tools we make the PSD file compliant with different web browsers converting the PSD file to HTML. We ensure that the webpage functions smoothly with easy accessible features.

UI – UX Designing

UI and UX are considered as vital segments of web development. The websites must we developed with user interface design so that the website would be interactive and easy-to-use. Similarly the user experience aspect needs to be considered for designing and testing the graphical components of the website.

The designers at Phoenix Coded tailor the web development process after extensive research. Our designers ensure to offer great user experience and enhance digital presence of the developed website.

Logo Design

Logo is a symbolic representation of any brand which is unique and promotes the company on global platform. Logo is used for advertisement purpose as well as on official documents. This visual impression is graphically designed by logo designers denoting the company.

Logo design needs to define the working nature of the brand. Logo is designed once in a lifetime but with the changing time it is creatively transformed. A logo needs to be designed by expert graphic designers that delivers theme of the brand. A logo must be visually impressive holding unique features.

Phoenix Coded is an established graphic designing company having team of expert and creative graphic designers who create unique and noticeable logo for a company. We prefer to design the logo after having a close and detailed discussion with the client sourcing out the required objectives of the company.

Colour selection for the logo is made smartly preventing untidiness. We have loads of logo concepts. The designed logos are much trendy that can be used lifelong and landed on varied platforms like websites, advertising panels as well as official documents. We offer cost effective solutions!

Custom Banner Designing

Banner as is considered as vital element of online marketing, it needs to be designed with unique aspects. Custom banner features the brand, product and services on global platform thus custom banners must be designed with such aspects that would ensure Click through Rates.

Phoenix Coded is highly expertise in designing custom banners for varied websites. We give high emphasis on creating unique and attractive custom banners with high quality assurance. We ensure to draw traffic towards the website.