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MVC- Model View Controller is a methodology that is used for implementation of the user interface with underlying data models. MVS is also simplified as the architectural pattern which separates the application into three logical components. Model, View, and Controller are the components that are built for handling specific aspects of developing an application.

MVC is widely used as the industry-standard web development framework with programming languages like Java, Smalltalk, C and C++. This is frequently used for developing scalable and extensible projects. MVC is used for developing SEO-Friendly URLs which increases the hit rate of the particular application.

The model comprises data access, aggregation logic, and validation rules. The view is responsible for hiding the complexity and offers a simple user interface with display of necessary information. Controller controls flow and logic of the application.

Codeigniter MVC

Codeigniter MVC is a PHP Framework that is built on top of MVC design pattern. Codeigniter MVC has a loose approach over MVC as Models are not essential.

Codeigniter MVC enables to incorporate the existing scripts and develop core libraries that enable to work as per the personal specifications. Codeigniter MVC has no coding restrictions and comes with simple and template tools. It does also haves add-ons and plug-ins.

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Phoenix Coded offers compatible and customizable MVC development solutions which enable the business to stay ahead in the competitive market. We have dedicated a team of MVC experts who deliver secure and reliable MVC applications.

Our developers are familiar with the functions of core components that are incorporated in MVC and are utilized for rendering cost-effective and scalable applications that sync with business requirements.

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